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Purchasing Pickleball Paddles

For information about purchasing a pickleball paddle, the following people represent companies who provide approved Pickleball paddles:

Shawne Cryderman


 Selkirk Beginner/Intermediate paddles (sold by SPA)

 Mark McNown


 Selkirk paddles (sold by SPA member)

 Peggy Cobb

 Onix paddles (sold by SPA member)

 Gary Stevens


 PaddleTek paddles (sold by SPA member)

 Bill Reynolds

 Other brands (sold by member of SR

Note:  These people are allowed to sell paddles that are on the list approved by the Sun City Pickleball Association only.  The approved list contains only paddles that have been tested and found to have lower sound levels that other paddles.

Purchasing T-shirts

Mary Gajeske offers both cotton and dry-fit embroidered shirts with the SPA logo or the "heart beat" logo on them.
To place an order for embroidered shirts get in touch with Mary Gajeske at

Design Photo
Pickleball - The Heartbeat
of SaddleBrooke
SaddleBrooke Logo - Heather gray - Ladies
 SaddleBrooke Logo - Heather gray - Mens
 SaddleBrooke Logo - Teal - Ladies
 SaddleBrooke Logo - Teal - Mens
 SaddleBrooke Logo - Teal - Mens (black lettering)
 SaddleBrooke Logo - White - Ladies
 SaddleBrooke Logo - White -Mens

SPA Jacket light green

SPA Jacket light green